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  • Make: Oscar Adler & Co.
  • Model: 4000 F
  • Year: 2015
  • S/N: 3343
  • Color: black with silvern keys
  • Date Stolen: September 23, 2022
  • Reward: $500

Instrument Description

My Oscar Adler & Co oboe was stolen from me on Friday 9/23/22. The model is 4000F and the serial number is 3343. The oboe was in a flawless black box, red lined inside including a wooden reed box (with room for 3 reeds) and an oboe screwdriver. Outside the box was in a white faux fur/fleece lined case (black) with carrying strap, unique feature: circular burn hole at zipper of outside pocket.

I am grateful for any information. Please contact me or the police of the city of Zurich.

Phone: +41 78 802 47 48

Identifying Marks

If one presses a c'' repeatedly there is a very quiet squeak if you listen carefully. The thumbrest has an eyelet on its upper side in order to be able to fix a carrying strap there if needed. There is no real padding of the thumbrest (only something like leather or cork, quite thin).

On the outer case of the oboe there is a burning whole in the area of the zipper for the outer pocket if the case. The inner case is black with silvern buckles (you need to press both to open the case).