We are an international central database of stolen musical instruments and related musical gear.

The purpose is simple:

  1. To help musicians find and be reunited with their lost or stolen instruments.
  2. To be a resource for law enforcement to easily and positively identify stolen property.
  3. For pawn shops and musical retailers to easily and positively identify stolen property.
  4. To create a secure way to contact their true Owners.
  5. To protect the identity and address’ of the Owners. All communications with the Owners are handled privately and securely through Stolen Musical Instruments.

When your musical instrument is stolen, it’s like losing an old friend; in some cases, a very expensive old friend. We have been in the business of lutherie, instrument identification, appraisals, musical retail, and as working musicians for over 40 years. We view our instruments as family members. We have created this site as a way to help reunite musicians with their instruments.

We have made this information readily available to State and Federal Law Enforcement, pawn shops and musical retailers across the country and overseas.

If your instrument or musical gear is lost or stolen, we can list your instrument for $12 a year. The money is used to maintain the website, the database and communications with Law Enforcement, pawn shops and musical retailers. You can cancel at any time.

Listing your instrument is simple. What is critical, however, is the need for good identifying information. Good photographs are always helpful. Serial numbers are very important. If you have these, be sure they are complete and entered accurately. If you don’t have either, we will need some way to clearly identify your instrument when it is found.

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