What are the benefits of joining?

By joining, your instrument(s) will gain exposure with pawn shops and law enforcement.

How will I be notified if someone finds my instrument?

If someone identifies your instrument, they will be able to contact us from your listing via email. We will then reach out to you via phone and e-mail.

How much to join?

The price to sign up is $12/year.

How do I pay?

Our payment processor is PayPal.

Once my membership has expired, what happens to my listing?

If you allow your membership to expire, your listing will be automatically removed from the website.

What if I don’t know the serial number of my instrument?

If you don’t know the s/n number, you must have some identifying mark(s) or feature(s).

Can I add pictures and video to my listing?

Yes, add as many pics as you wish and one video. Your video should be hosted with a service such as YouTube. Simply copy the link provided for your video and paste it into the video link field.