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  • Make: Cesar Pons
  • Year: 1790
  • Date Stolen: December 11, 2014
  • Location Stolen: 

Instrument Description

Stolen 30 Nov 2014 with 3 laptops in a break-in, likely by persons who didn't know what it was, as they abandoned the well-identified case a few blocks away. See detailed description above, contact owner if found. Reward. Much loved for 35 years by this amateur musician. Same theft/instrument as described in the 6ABC TV clip also on this site.

Identifying Marks

Description: A viola of French origin, possibly made by Cesar Pons, Paris, ca 1790, bearing a facsimile label: “Giovanni Grancino, Milan, 1696” Warm golden brown; repaired cracks. Measurements: Body length: 40.4 cm Upper bout width: 19.2 cm Center bout width: 13.4 cm Lower bout width: 23.4 cm The peg box is distinctive in that the original holes were filled and new holes were drilled long ago. John Safian (Haddonfield, NJ) did major repairs (gluing seams and cracks) last year, and his name is on the bridge. Two-piece back. The bow is German Pfetzschner and the stick was repaired up near the tip. The instrument was stolen in a West Philadelphia burglary Nov 30, 2014, between 6 and 8 PM, along with 3 laptop computers. its empty case was found abandoned a couple of blocks away the next morning. If you see or hear anything about this viola, please contact the 16th district police station (215‐686‐3160 report # 14‐16‐050974. or contact owner as listed