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  • Make: Elophe Poirson
  • Year: 1903
  • S/N: I-10610
  • Color: Red Brown
  • Date Stolen: November 27, 2023

Instrument Description

This French violin bears the faint label of Elophe Poirson, dated 1903. The one piece maple back has faint, wide flame descending from left to right. The ribs are of similar wood as the back. The scroll is of plainer maple. The two piece spruce top has medium grain in width. The varnish is red brown on a lighter ground. The violin is in good condition at this time and is internally numbered, I-10610.

This bow bears the stamp: LOUIS BAZIN. The round pernambuco stick is dark orange brown in color. The frog is of ebony with nickel mountings and a pearl eye on each side. The ebony button has two nickel rings. The length of the stick is 73.2 cm excluding the nipple. This bow is in good condition at this time and is numbered I-16659 in Ifshin Violin's records.

Identifying Marks

Whorl in the wood grain in the ribs on the upper right and lower left bout