Fairfax L. Abraham
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  • Make: Fairfax L. Abraham
  • Date Stolen: April 30, 2017
  • Location Stolen: 

Identifying Marks

The following items are missing, perhaps stolen. They all fit inside the black case mentioned below, so if the case is found, it's likely the rest of the items are inside it or nearby. - Fairfax L. Abraham 4/4 Violin - Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest - Black, felt case with a zipper (property of Dr. Meredith Arksey) - Two pernambuco violin bows - The original bridge in a small white box - Sheet music part to Dvorak's Romance in F minor op. 11: both a copy and the WSU School of Music's original library part. (Property of Washington State University School of Music) - A cake of rosin - Ebony chin rest (extra) (Property of Dr. Meredith Arksey) - Two mutes: a practice mute and a performance mute - L.R. Baggs violin pickup (attached to violin)